Large Muscle

13" Flying Ring

An Aerobie is a flying ring for recreational catches between 2 or more individuals. The Aerobie is a ring rather than a disc, it is lighter and more stable in flight. It can be bent to tune it for straighter flight. Desinged in 1984, the Aerobie has a polycarbonate core with soft rubber bumpers molded onto the inner rims. These brightly colored rings proovide hours of fun for everyone in the family. They even make one for the dog!

Fact: "the 13 inch (33cm) Aerobie Pro was used to set the Guinness World Record two times for "the longest throw of an object without any velocity-aiding feature". The Aerobie's first Guinness World Record was set by Scott Zimmerman at 1,257 feet (383.1 meters) in 1986 at Fort Funston, San Francisco". - Wikipedia