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Holiday Specs 3d Santa
36 in store $2.95
Holiday Specs 3d Snowmen
26 in store $2.95
Holiday Specs 3d Snowflake
34 in store $2.95
Flashing Holiday Bulb Necklace
Canadian Gift Concept
68 in store $9.95
Whoopee Cushion
13 in store $5.95
Rocket Balloons 6 Pk
46 in store $2.50
4 Pecking Chicken
3 in store $11.95
Clown Climbing on Ladder
1 in store $14.50
9 in store $8.50
Magic 8 Ball
4 in store $14.95
Bald Bigfoot
Archie Mcphee
7 in store $9.95
Bendy Rubber Chicken
Archie Mcphee
2 in store $5.95
Chicken & Egg Human/Cat Hat
Archie Mcphee
2 in store $17.95
Chronicle Books Donner Dinner Party
Forrest-Pruzan Creative
Game | Aug 2017
sold out $29.95
(on order)
21st Century Trivia Game
Outset Media
4 in store $12.95
(more on order)
70`s Trivia Card Game
Outset Media
1 in store $8.95
80's and 90's Trivia
Outset Media
4 in store $12.95
90`s Trivia Card Game
Outset Media
sold out $8.95
(on order)
Emergency Bigfoot Button
3 in store $14.95
Maybe Button
8 in store $14.95
Movies Trivia Game
Outset Media
5 in store $12.95
My Favorite Salad Crew Socks
Blue Q
1 in store $13.95
My Gnome on / Roam
1 in store $14.95
No Button
9 in store $14.95
Pick Two Tin
Outset Media
1 in store $24.95

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COVID-19 News

Due to high demand, we are unable to guarantee that we can process any more special requests at this time for help or shopping. Should things change, we will be in touch. We are sending auto replies on our email system to say same and our phones will be turned off until future notice. We are processing online orders as fast as we can. Between that and answering the door for pickup orders, it is all the 7 of us can handle. Jon will continue to answer as many emails as he can and help as many as possible. We thank you for you understanding and patience. This is our first pandemic too.

Please check back for further updates.

As you can imagine, we are running as fast as we can. Orders processed online take 2-3 days to be picked and processed. Please watch for an email as to status. We send one when your order is placed and another when it is either ready for pickup or that is is being shipped or delivered. NO NEED TO CALL when you receive a pickup notice. Simply come to the store and knoock on the door Mon-Fri noon-5 or Saturday 11-4. We will find your bag. If you have not received an email (check your spam file), assume that after 4 days, it is ready for you.

We are offering curbside pickup. No need to call before you come. We also offer delivery for a $5 fee within city limits.  Please be kind to our drivers on this one. 

 Thank you for thinking and shopping local and staying safe.

 All  the Toads and Fergus appreciate it.

Watch for posts on Facebook and Instagram on the inner workings of Toad Hall during lockdown.