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40 in store $5.95
Fiddlepop Rainbow
38 in store $6.95
Worry Pebble
Learning Advantage
18 in store $0.95
Party Animals Guinea Pigs
19 in store $5.95
Putitto Cat Blind Box Version 2
Kitan Club
12 in store $5.95
Tough Cat Blind Box
Kitan Club
12 in store $5.95
Mushroom Led Light Blind Box
Kitan Club
12 in store $15.95
Cat Cap Blind Box Rabbit
Kitan Club
12 in store $9.95
Cat Cap Blind Box Bear
Kitan Club
12 in store $9.95
Cat Cap Blind Box Flower
Kitan Club
12 in store $9.95
Eyes Ball
10 in store $7.95
Stress Breaker Ball
11 in store $4.95
Flick N Fish
24 in store $2.95
Squirmles W/ Babies
38 in store $6.95
Magic Fire Flys Thumb
15 in store $5.95
Bendy Astronaut
11 in store $6.95
Cult Movies Scratch Poster
2 in store $15.95
Feet Finger Puppet
Archie Mcphee
59 in store $1.50
Cat Paw Finger Puppet
Archie Mcphee
15 in store $2.95
Finger Squirrel Finger Puppet
Archie Mcphee
14 in store $2.95
Dinosaur Finger Puppet Large
2 in store $7.95
Alien Hand Finger Puppet
Archie Mcphee
42 in store $1.75
Monster Claw Finger Puppet
Archie Mcphee
49 in store $1.75
Corn Flakes Socks
Cool Socks
2 in store $14.95
Cup O Noodles Socks
1 in store $14.95

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COVID-19 News

Yes we are open to the public. 
Our hours are Monday-Friday 10-5 and Saturdays 11-4
Following Provincial mandates, we are allowed to have in person shopping. We are open
Mon-Fri 10-5pm and Saturdays 11-4pm.
We need to adhere to 50% capacity rule and require masks be worn by all.
We ask that you use our sanitizing station and maintain social distancing with us and
your fellow shoppers.
Remember that we still have online shopping with curbside pickup and delivery if you are not ready to shop in person.
It's so nice to see faces again (well, eyes anyway)