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Hockey Men's Socks Nla
Blue Q
1 in store $15.95
Superpower Crew Socks
Blue Q
6 in store $13.95
Pizza Fixes Everything Ankle Socks
Blue Q
2 in store $12.95
Special Unicorn Ankle Socks
Blue Q
3 in store $12.95
My Favorite Salad Crew Socks
Blue Q
7 in store $13.95
I Heard You Don't Care Crew Socks
Blue Q
6 in store $13.95

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COVID-19 News
To our wonderful customers,


For the forseeable future, Toad Hall Toys will physically remain closed. We are however offering delivery services within Winnipeg. You can order from our website but instead of pickup, we will deliver weekdays after 3pm. Should you not see everything you are seeking, please along with your contact information, include a note. We will do our best to supply. Another option is to let us surprise you. Tell us who you need to keep occupied, ages, interests and budget and let us put together a fabulous assortment of things you never would have thought of. It's what we do best.

Email and we will happily deliver your package after 3pm weekdays for a small $5 fee. Please include your phone number so we can arrange payment and leave the rest to us. It's like a super unboxing event for you and yours. Let the fun begin.

Remember that we cater to all ages, so maybe the kid in you or yours needs a small smile too.
Candy anyone?


Thank you for shopping local and staying safe. All l the Toads and Fergus appreciate it.